Married to the Mountains

Let me just start off by saying these past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! From getting a promotion at work to getting engaged, I honestly haven’t had a moment to sit down and reflect on what has been going on in my life…until now, when Nick told me to get to writing 😉

From the both of us, we want to thank everyone for the well wishes- we are so appreciative of your love and support. But let’s get real, I know you are all here for the juicy details.

Although I was surprised by the actual engagement, Nick and I knew this day would come. We looked at rings in December and Nick asked my parents for my hand in marriage back in March. So, for me, the engagement wasn’t a question of “if”, but “when”. There were times when I tested Nick’s patience… or maybe he tested mine? Let’s just say I was eager to be his fiancé. Not just because of the ring and the wedding, but because I was ready to begin the next chapter of our life together. I will save the gushy stuff for another time, but Nick is my person and he loves cats so it’s a win-win.

Details? I’m getting there, people! Nick always dreamed of vacationing in Glacier National Park but unfortunately never got the opportunity. I guess if you are a camper, this place is like Disney World. There are grizzly bears, no cell service, and no toilets – just like Disney World. I’m kidding. I told Nick to take a friend, but he insisted that I go on the trip. I began working out in March to get in shape for the hike. NEWS FLASH: Ellipticals do not prepare you for altitude sickness. All jokes aside, we had an amazing time in Montana. We saw moose, bears and fat little squirrels. As we began our hike to our campsite at Red Eagle Lake, it didn’t seem so bad. It was unseasonably hot in Montana- about 93 degrees instead of the typical 70-degree weather. There had been a large forest fire back in the early 2000’s, so the trees were still bare and charred for the most part. Basically, it was hot as hell. We hiked 7.5 miles and had super heavy backpacks on. Once we got to mile 5, I was getting a little crabby to put it nicely. When we saw the lake I literally cried happy tears! For me, the process of hiking is so rewarding. It’s a great feeling knowing that you must work hard to get to your final destination- it was totally worth it. Nick and I got settled and then took a little stroll by the lake to cool off. He wanted to snap a picture of me looking at the mountains for a blog post. As I faced away from him, he asked me to turn around. There he was, down on one knee asking if I would marry him. I cried… a lot. What else is new? It was perfect.

Although we were sad to come back to reality, we are so excited to begin the wedding planning process. We have started looking at venues and creating our guest list. Please don’t ask me if you’re invited to the wedding. If you have to ask, chances are you aren’t my first pick 😉

Over the next few weeks, I plan to share more details of my Glacier trip and wedding updates. I am ecstatic for what is to come!







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