New Year, New Pump.

I know that it has been a while since I have written a blog post, but that just means A LOT of exciting things have been happening in my life. I spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with Nick and his family, celebrated Christmas in Dallas with my family, and my brother got engaged! Oh and there is a new addition to the family… a cute little kitten named Tex. I have truly been living life to the fullest and I couldn’t be happier. And now for the big announcement (drum roll please)… I have purchased an INSULIN PUMP. Wow, let me just say that its been a long time coming!

Let me explain what a pump is to those of you who might not know what it does. Instead of injecting insulin with a syringe, the pump will do it for me. It is connected to my body at all times, and will match up with my daily activities. I control a handheld device that releases the insulin into my body. In other words… NO MORE SHOTS.

I originally wanted the pump about 10 years ago, but Dr. White said I wasn’t “ready” for that responsibility yet…he was such a gem. I thought it was going to be an easy fix for all of my problems, but I quickly realized it wasn’t. There was a lot of prep work that needed to be done and I was too immature to start that process. Once I entered high school, I was presented with the opportunity to revisit getting the pump. However, at that point I was too self-conscious to wear a contraption with tubing everywhere I went. I was a cheerleader and taking dance classes, so I definitely thought the pump would get in the way. You can’t see diabetes…but when you are sporting something like that, it makes you feel insecure; at least for me. I didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit with it or explain to people what I was doing with a beeper in 2010. But then things changed when I met Nick (cue John Mayer song). When I met Nick, he knew I had diabetes so there wasn’t much to hide from him. He quickly learned my daily medical routine and knew about insulin pumps. He didn’t understand why I didn’t have one or why I didn’t want one. The last thing I wanted to come off as was insecure…but I couldn’t help it. I am not proud saying this, but being a young woman and having a bulky device on you at all times did not seem attractive to me. I mean who would want to be with someone who wears a beeper still? But Nick didn’t care because this was more than just a measly device…this was our future. My health is extremely important to both of us, and if this was going to make me healthier and happier, then why the hell does it matter what I look like? Nick makes me feel absolutely beautiful, and I can proudly look at myself in the mirror now and just see me… not just a diabetic. Once I realized that, I couldn’t wait to get my pump!!

Wait… there can’t always be a happy ending, right? About a year ago, my insurance company could not cover the insulin pump. I felt like I was finally doing something right and I got turned down. I began to lose hope in myself again, but I knew I couldn’t give up that easily. I started wearing my Continuous Glucose Meter everyday and waited patiently for the insurance gods to help me out. Shout out to my awesome job for this amazing opportunity! I will be using the OmniPod which is wireless, so no tubing!

I cannot wait to share my progress with you all!


^Medtronic insulin pump                     ^OmniPod insulin pump



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